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Biden won but our democracy remains at risk. Trump exposed cracks in our system. Now we have to repair them.  But the radical right stands in our way at local, state and national levels. Help us overcome them and move a progressive agenda forward. Click Donate and give what you can. You can donate by credit card, PayPal or check. Thank you!

Lowcountry Indivisible

Defend our democracy.

Promote progressive solutions.

Stand for social justice.

Voting is a right.

Nothing should be allowed to make it hard.

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In 2021, 52 restrictive voter laws were passed in various states across the country, limiting options to vote and undermining local officials’ ability to oversee elections. In response, Congress introduced two voter rights bills.
The John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act would make illegal voting rules that discriminate on the basis of race, language, or ethnicity and empower voters to challenge discriminatory laws.


The Freedom to Vote Act (S. 2747) would solidify comprehensive voter protections, require a minimum of 15 days for early voting, require mail-in balloting, and make Election Day a national holiday.

Join us in fighting to get these laws passed.


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2022 Election 

Results Analysis

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The Fight Continues!

Now more than ever we need your help to insure that progressive values aren’t undermined by oppressive conservative measures. Fighting for equity in voting rights, schooling, job opportunities, housing and healthcare has never been easy. The fight to increase progressive representation has never been more critical. Join us in 2022!

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Why We Support Biden 

Joe can lead us through the pandemic crisis and restore our nation’s health and economy. 


He will heal us by righting social injustices and staking out common ground that can unite us.


He will treat all of us fairly and decently, tell the truth and act with dignity that befits the presidency.


Joe has the experience.  He has the competence.  He has the character. 


But, he can’t do it alone.

He needs our help!

He needs your help!

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Check out the pictures of our Indivisible members at events and protests. 

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