A Call to Action: New Ways to Contribute to LCI 2020 Goals


Dread another four years of Trump?  Then help us defeat him, oust Graham and support candidates who reflect your progressive values.  We now offer you a way to support one of our many 2020 election tools. Click PLEDGE to see them and make a contribution.  Please donate whatever you can. You can donate by credit card or via PayPal or by check. Thank you!

Lowcountry Indivisible

Defend our democracy.

Promote progressive solutions.

Stand for social justice.

Position Papers Update

Read position papers developed by our volunteer Issues Teams on seven key progressive issues for 2020.  We’ve also recently added a white paper on our state’s educational system and a paper on selected progressive presidential candidates’ views on healthcare.

If you think our democracy is in peril and you say we are better than this, then you must do something about it.  One way – maybe the best way – is to join us to Get Out The Vote in 2020. We have volunteer opportunities for everyone. 

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Check out the pictures of our Indivisible members at events and protests. 

Letters to the Editor:

Making our Voices Heard

We’re stepping up letters to the editor in 2020.  You can click on this link submit your letter to the Island Packet  

Want help writing  a letter?  Send an email to board member: wesdvorakpr@gmail.com

Excerpts from recent LCI-member letters:

"All but a few House Democrats representing districts where President Trump is popular voted to impeach him… The Democrats risked all and showed courage.  The Republicans feared Trump and were cowards… "


"By impeaching Donald Trump, the House did the right thing for our democracy. Now the GOP must do the right thing. If GOP Senators force a trial without key witnesses… it will expose that they reject the rule of law…"