Can our democracy survive four more years of Trump? Please help LCI’s get-out-the vote effort focused on thousands of progressive-leaning voters who sat out recent elections. They can turn the tide. Help us keep you informed through newsletters, online general meetings and our website. Click Donate and give what you can. You can donate by credit card, PayPal or check. Thank you

Lowcountry Indivisible

Defend our democracy.

Promote progressive solutions.

Stand for social justice.


LCI Endorses Candidates

LCI's Board has endorsed state and local candidates for 2020.  You can read their responses to our questionnaire on progressive issues and values.  The questionnaires helped us to choose the best candidates.  Click here to read them.

If you think our democracy is in peril and you say we are better than this, then you must do something about it.  One way – maybe the best way – is to join us to Get Out The Vote in 2020. We have volunteer opportunities for everyone. 

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Check out the pictures of our Indivisible members at events and protests. 

Why Vote for Joe Biden


Joe can lead us through the pandemic crisis and restore our nation’s health and economy. 


He will heal us by righting social injustices and staking out common ground that can unite us.


He will treat all of us fairly and decently, tell the truth and act with dignity that befits the presidency.


Joe has the experience.  He has the competence.  He has the character. 


Vote for change.


Vote Biden!