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South Carolina has 46 counties, 270 municipal governments, 90 public school districts, and 301 special districts of various types. Ten regional councils provide a broad range of technical and advisory services to county and municipal governments. In 1975, South Carolina passed the Home Rule Act, because many state legislators’ districts crossed county lines. The Home Rule Act created county councils for each of the SC counties that are independent of the SC General Assembly. Legally, the county is a creation of state government. Counties have only those powers and duties authorized by the laws which affect all counties, or by specific statutes that affect individual counties.  

Beaufort County

Beaufort County is run by a County Council comprising 11 Districts. County Council members are partisan and serve four-year terms. Beaufort County operates under the Council-Administrator form of government under which the Council may hire a professional administrator to carry out Council policy. The Council has the power to dismiss the appointed administrator, although it cannot dismiss employees hired by the administrator. Under this form of government, the County Treasurer and County Auditor are elected officials. Beaufort County has five additional elected offices: Sheriff, Coroner, Clerk of the Court, Probate Court Judge, and head of the Solicitor’s Office.

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Beaufort Co Council dist.png

Beaufort County Council:

Gerald Dawson.jpg

District 1

Gerald Dawson (D)

64-A Horace Dawson Lane
Seabrook, SC 29940
Office: 843.986-7265


District 2

David Barthoilmew (R)

7 Wade Hampton Dr.
Beaufort, SC 29907
Office: 843.255.2183


District 3

York L. Glover Sr. (D)

31 Oaks Plantation Road
St. Helena Island, SC 29920
Office  843.812.2909

Alice Howard_edited.jpg

District 4  (Term Expires December 2022)

Alice G. Howard (R)

1705 Riverside Drive
Beaufort, SC  29902
Office: 843.986-7403

Joseph Passiment 2019_edited.jpg

District 5

Joseph Passiment (R)

26 Schooner Lane
Bluffton, SC 29909
Mobile: 843.941.3605


District 6

Anna Maria "Tab" Tabernik (r)

25 Petigru Drive
Beaufort, SC 29902
Office: 843.255-2200


District 7 (Term Expires December 2022)

Logan Cunningham (R)

4 Royal Holly Court

Bluffton, SC 29910

Office: 843.986.4772

Paula-Brown (1).jpg

District 8 

Paula Brown (R)

17 Waterford Dr.
Bluffton, SC 29910
Office: 843.841.9936

Mark Lawson 2019_edited.jpg

District 9

Mark Lawson (R)

64-A Horace Dawson Lane
Seabrook, SC 29940
Office: 843.986-7265

Lawrence McElynn_edited.jpg

District 10

Lawrence P. McElynn (R)

584 Colonial Drive
Hilton Head Island, SC  29926
Office: 843.941.3519

T-Reitz (1).jpg

District 11

Thomas Reitz (R)

47 Glouscester Rd.
Hilton Head Island, SC 29928
Office: 843.255.2183

Other County Offices:


Country Administrator (appointed)
Eric Greenway

P.O. Drawer 1228

Beaufort, SC 22901

Contact Form







Clerk of the Court

Probate Court

Solicitor's Office

Board of Education

The Beaufort County Board of Education is a nonpartisan board that consists of 11 members elected to four-year terms. Check your voter registration card to find your district, or click here. For the list of Board members and a link to send them an email click here.


Beaufort Soil and Water Conservation

The Beaufort Soil and Water Conservation District includes three elected Commissioners (and 2 appointed Commissioners). The three Commissioners are elected during the Federal election cycle and are non-partisan positions.


The county seat of Beaufort County, Beaufort is governed by a 5-member Council, which includes the Mayor. Each member is elected at-large by voters within the city limits to four-year, staggered terms, with elections held every two years. Council members set policy and govern through their single employee, the city manager.
Public council meetings are held at 7 p.m. on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month at 1911 Boundary Street at the Beaufort Municipal Complex inside City Hall, 2nd Floor - Council Chambers

Phil Cromer.jpg

Mayor Phil Cromer
City Hall
1911 Boundary Street
Beaufort, SC 29902

Scott Marshall_edited.jpg

City Manager Scott Marshall

Phone: 843-525-7070

City Hall
1911 Boundary Street
Beaufort, SC 29902

Beaufort Council members do not maintain offices at City Hall; however, official correspondence may be sent to the attention of the City Clerk: 1911 Boundary Street, Beaufort, SC 29902; Phone: 843-525-7070


The town of Bluffton is governed by a Mayor and four Town Council members, all non-partisan and all elected for four-year terms. Elections occur in November of odd years.

Council meetings are held at 5 pm on the 2nd Tuesday of every month at Town Hall, 20 Bridge Street, Council Chambers, Bluffton, SC 29910

Larry Toomer_edited.jpg

Larry Toomer, Mayor

Term: 2024 to 2028

Dan Wood_edited.jpg

Dan Wood, Council Member

Term: 2024 to 2028

Bridgette Frazier_edited.jpg

Bridgette Frazier, Council Member

Term: 2024 to 2028

Fred Hamilton_edited.jpg

Fred Hamilton, Council Member

Term: 2022 to 2026

Hilton Head Island  
The Island is governed by a Mayor and six Town Council members, all non-partisan and all elected. In addition, there are seven elected members of the Public Service District governing water resources in the middle part of the Island. All elected officials serve four-year staggered terms following the Congressional election schedule. An appointed Town Manager directs the administration of Town departments, implements policies and projects, and oversees about 250 employees.

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Hilton Head districts.png

Mayor Alan Perry


Mayor Pro-Tempore, Ward 3

David Ames


patsy brison.png

Ward 2

Patsy Brison

Hilton Head Town Council:


Ward 4

Tamara Becker

S. ALfred.png

Ward 5

Steve Alfred


Ward 6

Glenn Stanford



Town Manager

Marc Orlando

Hilton Head PSD Commissioners:


Frank Turano


Term of Office 2022-2026


Jerry Cutrer

Vice Chair

Term of Office: 2020-2024


Stuart Bell


Term of Office: 2020-2024


Patti Soltys


Term of Office: 2020-2024

Ibrahim-Abdul-Malik HHI PSD.jpg

Ibrahim Abdul-OMalik


Term of Office: 2022-2026

Michael-Marks-HHI PSD.jpg

Michael Marks


Term of Office: 2022-2026

Andy-Paterno-HHI PSD.jpg

Andy Paterno


Term of Office: 2022-2026

Daufuskie Island 
is governed by the Daufuskie Island Council which serves as the official voice between Daufuskie and the County. Members are elected by island residents and property owners. There are nine elected positions that serve four-year staggered terms. Elections are held yearly on the second Saturday in February.

Port Royal 

is a town governed by a 5-member at-large Town Council that includes the Mayor.

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