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During our first four years, LCI became the “go to” activist organization in Bluffton / HHI. 


We marched and we protested on issues as broad as Trump's tax cuts, the Parkland school shooting, separating children from their parents at the border, and protecting Mueller's investigation after AG Session's firing.


We called and wrote letters to state legislators on issues including off shore drilling, threats to abortion rights, education funding and protecting Beaufort County's plastic bag ban.


We called and wrote letters to our federal delegation on issues like protecting the Affordable Care Act (ACA / Obamacare), renewed funding for the Child Health Insurance Program (CHIP), stopping off shore drilling and recognizing Biden's win and right to receive transition support.


We had member meetings nearly every month, hosting speakers as diverse as Senate Candidate Jaime Harrison, political activist Randy Parraz and USC climate scientist Geoff Scott, PhD.


And we helped Joe Cunningham win a Congressional seat in 2018.


In the past year, we mounted a massive Get Out The Vote campaign prior to the November 3rd election. We set up phone volunteers to help register unregistered voters. We mailed thousands of post cards encouraging citizens to vote for progressive candidates. We surveyed and scorecarded every R and D candidate for contested county, state and federal offices. We recruited young volunteers to help us build a social media campaign targeting young people and motivating them to vote, using an unbranded Facebook page we built for that purpose. We invested in geofencing to send social media messages to targeted populations. We carried signs on Highway 278 and Bluffton Parkway, and organized a bicycle brigade to ride with signs to Old Town Bluffton, all in support of progressive candidates. And we raised over $20,000 to fund these initiatives.


While we did not achieve all the outcomes we hoped for, we helped get a record turnout of voters in support of the largest slate of Democratic candidates ever to be on ballots in Bluffton / HHI. 




LCI's key strategic priorities for 2021 and 2022 are divided into 6 major categories:

  1. Educate and involve members in state issues

  2. Challenge Congresswoman Mace on her pledge to be bipartisan

  3. Promote the Biden agenda

  4. Raise funds in support of our objectives

  5. Improve progressive messaging

  6. Prepare for the 2022 state and national elections


Tactics under #1

  • Include an ongoing column in the CTA on key, timely state issues

  • Include updates on state issues in monthly member meetings

  • Include experts on state issues as speakers in monthly meetings

  • Establish a new SC State Issues Team


Tactics under #2

  • Prioritize immigration

  • Prioritize environmental protection

  • Invite Mace to a Town Hall style meeting for LCI members and other liberal organization members

  • Encourage members to contact the Mace office regarding issues and legislation related to LCI values


    Tactics under #3 

  • Communications need to go to audiences broader than LCI

  • Continuously highlight the accomplishments of the Biden team


   Tactics under #4

  • Continue outreach to members, especially after monthly meetings, reminding them to donate to LCI

  • Keep members informed regarding LCI initiatives that require financial support

  • Develop new fund raising activities that generate revenue


   Tactics under #5 

  • Create a team of LTE writers and submit to all local papers, not just the Packet

  • Message emphasis should be 2/3 unity and progress, 1/3 attacking opponents for deceit and obstruction

  • Meet with Dem leaders to address improved messaging (i.e. Dem leaders are pro Democracy)

  • Distribute this plan document to all members and liberal organizations

  • Identify symmetry with other progressive organizations and review their strategic plans and priorities

  • Reach out to Republican leaders as a non-partisan organization, discuss values and mutual interests, improve relationships


     Tactics under #6

  • Identify issues that will be relevant to SC in the 2022 elections

  • Be aware and follow individuals who declare an interest in being a candidate for local, state and national offices in 2022

  • Identify needs, opportunities and strategies for 2022 LCI election activities

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