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Monthly General Meeting

  • When: Normally, the second Saturday of each month.

  • Time: 10 AM to Noon

  • Place: Unitarian Universalist Congregation of the Lowcountry, 110 Malphrus Rd. Bluffton, SC   

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April 9, 2022 General Meeting

angela getter.jpg
beth young.jpg

Lead speaker Angela Geter drove four hours to explain to LCI members why she believes she should be the challenger to Senator Tim Scott following the Democratic Primary.  Her background is with the US Airforce, healthcare and accounting; her education is in healthcare and finance.  She believes in fiscal reasonableness, a strong role of both states and the federal government and a moral imperative to govern. Her three priorities are economic development, infrastructure, and education. 

Our second speaker was Beth Young, from the  SC Coalition Against Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault. Beth highlighted the work of Hopeful Horizons which assists domestic violence (DV) victims in 5 counties in our area, noting that in SC there are only 13 DV shelters, but 46 animal shelters.  She pointed out that the judicial system is critically back-logged with cases and additional funding is sorely needed for the Solicitor General’s office. She cited troubling data:  95% of all crime is linked to DV and the rate among the African American community is double that of the white community. In SC, 81% of women have experienced sexual assault or harassment and the incidence has risen with the pandemic. SC is in the top 10 deadliest states for DV. Solutions are education, affordable housing, funding for mental health services, affordable child care and sensible gun laws. 

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