State Positions

Sun City Democrats prepared this review of selected progressive presidential candidates' positions on healthcare.


Guest speaker Jody Arthur delivered an impressive and insightful analysis of voter demographics and voting trends in our area at the January General Meeting. You can view the slides by clicking on the blue button below. To print the Excel spreadsheet which includes voter turnout for your precinct, click on the green X button below.

About Jody Arthur

Jody Arthur graduated summa cum laude from the College of Mount St. Joseph, earning a Bachelor’s of Science in Finance & International Business.  She spent nearly a decade self-employed as a licensed Customs Broker working with The Kroger Company, Wendy’s, and helping to establish the Toyota Foreign Trade Zone in Georgetown, KY.   While self-employed, Jody signed a 90 day contract with Procter & Gamble to support their preparation for an audit by U.S. Customs.  After a brief two decades at Proctor & Gamble in progressively senior roles, she retired as the Vice President of Global Sales for the Duracell Powermat Joint Venture.  While moving from Ohio to South Carolina, there was a brief 2 year layover in San Francisco, while Jody lead a health care start-up business. 


Jody and her husband purchased their home in SC in 2013 and moved here full time in 2016.  They have the good fortune of having 2 of their 3 grown children also living here. 


In her spare time, Jody enjoys traveling, renovating, and culinary adventures, which all come secondary to her first love of being a data nerd and spending time with her MacBook Air perched on her lap.